The Pool Is Open! 


COVID-19 has certainly had its way with our beautiful island of Maui paradise. Tourism has been completely halted from every angle and for several months now. Even inter island travelers are required to quarantine for 14 days before being able to leave their accommodations. There are virtually zero airplanes in the sky, where as before March we were able to watch plane after plane coming and going like crazy.


Now it is almost June and there are signs we may be able to get back to the new normal before too long. We haven’t had a new case of COVID-19 in about 5 days and we have the lowest amount of cases of any state in the country. All that has come at a price, as we also have the HIGHEST rate of unemployment in the country. So, our economy really needs to open back up to tourism. 


Today I learned they opened one of the pools at the Maui Banyan where we have four rental units. This is a good sign, as they’ve been closed for nearly two months!  While there is still a mandatory 2 week quarantine for anyone arriving to Maui, this and the beaches across the street being open are big steps.


Right now we have the best rates you will probably ever see, though you’ll have to stay for at least 2 weeks to get them. However, if you were to stay in one of our luxe Maui vacation rental units at a rate of 75% off the regular price, you could stay for a month and pay for an 8 day trip! Then after serving your quarantine (in Maui), you could enjoy empty beaches and pools, and a virtually empty island!  It might be the best time ever to travel to Maui. 


If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out our units and availability here.