What are ‘On Island Agents?’

If you are planning on self-managing a rental property on Maui, most condo complexes will require you to list an “on island contact” that represents you in case of an emergency with your unit. This is someone who lives on island and has access to your condo.

While it’s not necessary for an on island contact to be a real estate agent, many are. However, some people designate family, friends, handymen or even their cleaners to represent them in case of an emergency with their condo. The caveat here is that if the representative is not a licensed property manager they can only represent one person. Meaning, if you choose to use your handyman as your on island contact, he can’t be representing any other clients in the same way.

Usually these on island contacts will charge a small monthly fee for the service. If you decide to use a full property management service, they will act as your on island contact.

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